Vienna Hardwoods for Ethical Exotic Hardwood Floor

Having exotic hardwood floor is a great choice for everyone who wants distinctive floor at home, and Vienna Hardwoods provides those woods with many choices and great prices. If you are an eco-conscious type that think about from where your wooden furniture and floor come, you do not have to worry about picking hardwood floor from Vienna Hardwoods; the company makes sure that all products are from ethical, legal wood sources.

Vienna Hardwoods for Ethical Exotic Hardwood Floor

Vienna Hardwoods Non-Rainforest Woods

Vienna Hardwoods provides various solid hardwood floors from many species, including non-rainforest species from all over the world. While you can get typical woods such as birch, ash, chestnut and maple, you can also get various exotic woods from many countries such as mahogany, teak, tambootie, pink ivory, rosewood, and such. They come from various countries that provide non-rainforest woods for consumers who look for wooden products from ethical sources.

Rosewood is one of the most popular exotic woods for floor; you can get rosewood that comes from India, Bolivia or Honduras. You can also get African or Burmese teakwood, which has deep color and can last for many years. If you love walnut and exotic woods at the same time, you can choose floor from tzalem, which is a type of Caribbean walnut. There is also a highly popular Brazilian cherry wood (jatoba), and mahogany wood from Africa or Honduras.

Vienna Hardwoods for Ethical Exotic Hardwood Floor

Extensive Services for Exotic Wood Floor Products

Installing exotic wood floors is a huge work, and you need the best flooring service. Vienna Hardwoods provides various services in addition to exotic wooden floor products. You can get services such as glue down, nail down and floating floor installation. You can also buy the floor unfinished or prefinished if necessary, and if you prefer to install the floor yourself, you can use the nailer and manual for free.

Vienna Hardwoods is definitely the best place to get exotic woods from legal sources, complete with service to assist the installation.

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